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School programs - swimming, grades 4 to 6

We provide schools with a number of swimming lessons and programs for students in grades 4, 5 and 6. Our Learn To Swim program offers classes from the Lifesaving Society.

Grades 4 to 6 students swimming lesson
Grades 4 to 6 students swimming lessons

4 to 6

Available at our Aquatic and Fitness Centres and Leisure Centres.
See our list of locations.

Registration / more information:
To inquire about availability and/or pricing for school programs, please call 311.


Rookie Patrol (8 years +)

Rookie Patrol features somersaults in the water, surface dives, throwing assists, timed 100 m swims, 350 m workouts and swims with clothes. Develops strength and efficiency with emphasis on personal responsibility for Water Smart® behavior.

Ranger Patrol (8 years +)

Ranger Patrol features underwater swims, search skills, timed 20 m swims, 100 m fitness medley, 20 m rescue and support/carry a 5 LB weight. Skill drills enhance capability in the water including a non-contact rescue.

Star Patrol (8 years +)

Star Patrol features underwater search drill, kicking and object support drills, timed 300 m swims, 600 m workouts, lifeguard whistle signals, and breathing and bleeding first aid priorities. Develops good physical conditioning and lifesaving judgement.

Bronze Star (12 years +)

Ability is the only prerequisite to Bronze Star. If you're a strong swimmer, Bronze Star provides challenging training for your body and your brain. Develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Learn CPR and the skills needed to be your own personal lifeguard. (12 hour certification course).

Junior Lifeguard Club (8-17 years)

The Junior Lifesaving Club (part of the Lifesaving Society of Alberta) accommodates 8-17 year olds of different abilities. It provides high activity challenges in an energetic learning environment on dry land and in the pool. Youth are encouraged to develop skills based on personal bests in swimming, lifesaving, fitness, knowledge, leadership and teamwork. Community involvement and competition can also be part of the program.
Prerequisite: swim 25 m and tread water 2 minutes. (JLC materials package will be available at the pool for an additional cost of $15. Package is for first time registrants only).

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