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School programs - First Aid and certificates, grades 7 to 12

Teach your students important life skills with our First Aid and certificate programs. We offer CPR, babysitting lessons, and other First Aid programs to junior high and high school students in grades 7 through 12.

Highschool students learning first aid
Highschool students learning first aid.

7 – 12

Available at our Aquatic and Fitness Centres and Leisure Centres.
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About the programs

Our First Aid courses will teach students how to recognize and respond to emergency situations.

Infant/Child CPR

This course will teach the student how to prevent, recognize and respond to respiratory arrest, choking and heart failure for infants and children.
Prerequisite: (Age 11 years & up).

Babysitting Course

A 12 hour instructional program designed to teach the skills needed to babysit. Course includes Infant/Child CPR.
Prerequisite: (Age 11 years & up).

Emergency First Aid

This course focuses on the EMS system, emphasizing the recognition and treatment of airway, breathing and cardio-vascular emergencies. The program includes Basic Rescuer CPR.
Prerequisite: (Age 12 years & up).

Standard First Aid

This comprehensive course covers all the skills taught in Emergency First Aid plus recognition and treatment of musculoskeletal, soft tissue and head and spine injuries, heat and cold emergencies, poisonings and medical conditions such as diabetic emergencies and convulsions.
Prerequisite: (Age 12 years & up).

Basic Rescuer CPR

The basic rescuer course educates the student on how to recognize, prevent and respond to respiratory arrest, choking and a heart attack when dealing with infants, children and adults.
Prerequisite: (Age 12 years and up).

Heart Saver CPR

This course will teach the student how to recognize and respond to respiratory arrest, choking and heart attack of adults.
Prerequisite: (Age 12 years & up).

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