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School programs - swimming - preschool and kindergarten

We provide schools with a number of swimming lessons and programs for children ages three to five. Preschool and kindergarten classes are designed for independent children who are ready to learn to swim without the help of their parents.

Preschooler swimming lessons
A preschooler swimming lesson.

Preschool and kindergarten
(ages three to five)

Available at our Aquatic and Fitness Centres and Leisure Centres.
See our list of locations.

Registration / more information:
To inquire about availability and/or pricing for school programs, please visit School Program Inquiries.


Preschool 1

These preschoolers learn to get in and out of the water safely. They'll learn to move safely in shallow water and use a lifejacket to be comfortable with their floats and glides.

Preschool 2

These youngsters will explore the water learning to submerge and exhale underwater. Buoyant aids are used to help them discover rollovers, glides and flutter kicks.

Preschool 3

These preschoolers will master their floats, glides and short swims on their front and back. They'll be able to pick up objects from waist deep water and use their lifejackets to jump and roll into deep water.

Preschool 4

These capable preschoolers will try front crawl and attempt solo jumps and side rolls in deep water. Their lifejacket will support them while they learn to tread water and swim to safety in the deep end.

Preschool 5

These skilled preschoolers will support themselves in deep water and master short swims doing front crawl and back crawl. Whip kick and fitness intervals will be introduced. Preschool 5 graduates will be prepared to enter Swimmer 2.

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