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Virtual scavenger hunt

This activity is a great way to explore the Calgary Public Art Map with your family. You might just find some things around town you may not have known about or noticed before!

Browse the City of Calgary Public Art Map or the Completed Public Art Gallery​ online and see if you can find:

  • A firefighter's hat
  • 2 giant spiders
  • 8 bears
  • A rower without a boat
  • Red and yellow overhead
  • A goldfish
  • Something purple
  • A pair of obedient dogs
  • A snowflake
  • 7 spheres
  • Two dancing figures
  • 4 horses
  • A flock of sparrows
  • A busy beaver
  • A glowing cloud form
  • A fish out of water

Too easy? Try challenging your friends and family by creating your own list of clues!