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COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Neighbours helping Neighbours

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Committing to 3 simple acts of kindness

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, social connectivity, social mental health and community wellness are more important than ever. Calgarians are renowned for their acts of generosity during times of uncertainty, but sometimes, it can be difficult to know exactly how to help. Use the printable tools and resources​ on this page to get inspired and commit to three simple acts of kindness to support your neighbour, community and the city of Calgary.

Support your neighbour by:

Support your community by:

Support your city by:

Tag your 3 acts of kindness on social media with these Alberta-born hashtags

These hashtags are gaining popularity for encouraging simple acts of kindness and promoting messages of positivity, despite the pandemic:

#3Things4Neighbours was started by local business owner and philanthropist, Usman Tahir Jutt. Usman owned a business in Fort McMurray from 2006 to 2013 and was inspired how the community banded together in response to the devastating wildfires. He says that taking individual action can be empowering in times of crisis and that his hashtag was meant to remind people that even simple acts of kindness can make a difference.

#AlbertaCares is a movement being led by the Alberta Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Deena Hinshaw. On March 20, Global News reported that "while the...pandemic has created a sense of uncertainty and stress for many is also bringing out incredible stories of community." Dr. Hinshaw is asking the public to share these positive stories, using the hashtag #AlbertaCares.

#SupportLocalYYC has recently spiked in popularity, as YYC businesses are being forced to close their doors temporarily. Loyal Calgarians and business owners alike are taking to social media to show their love and support for their favourite local institutions.

#yycHubs - The Community Hubs initiative is a partnership between the United Way Calgary and Area, The City of Calgary and the Rotary Club of Calgary, in support of the Enough For All strategy. Community Hubs are typically welcoming neighbourhood gathering places that local residents visit to connect with each other and their community. However, while citizens are being encouraged to practice physical distancing, lets use this hashtag to connect virtually and share acts of kindness happening in hub communities.

Printable tools and resources