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Maintenance emergencies and responsibilities

Information for tenants with Calgary Housing Company concerning maintenance emergencies and responsibilities.

Maintenance emergencies

Immediately contact the Maintenance Department at 587-390-1200 in case of a maintenance emergency.

Maintenance emergencies include:

  • Flood
  • Sewer back-up
  • No heat
  • Frozen water line

The after-hours emergency number is 403-228-8893.

In case of FIRE, please call 9-1-1.

Maintenance responsibilities

As indicated in your Residential Tenancy Agreement, Calgary Housing Company tenants are responsible for the maintenance and care of their premises including the cost of any repairs and maintenance resulting from occupancy of their unit (other than normal wear and tear).

Tenant maintenance responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Maintaining cleanliness of the interior and exterior of their unit.
  • Removal of snow and ice from walkways and municipal sidewalks.
  • Maintenance and care of their lawn, and front and back yards.
  • Regular maintenance of heating and electrical systems including replacement of furnace filters, light bulbs, fuses, cleaning the furnace and air ducts. Keeping smoke detectors in good working condition (replacing batteries as necessary).
  • Immediately notifying the Calgary Housing Company Maintenance Department of any problem with or failure of the plumbing, heating or electrical systems.

To report a maintenance concern or repair, contact the Calgary Housing Company Maintenance Department.