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Year in review 2018




The Economist magazine ranked Calgary as the best city to live in North America, and the fourth best city in the world​​​. We have a lot to be proud of and here are some highlights:


2018 year in review


<div class="ExternalClassD4CD1A0D74DB4AA5A2BF76905BF35154"><ul><li>​Investment of over $5 billion in infrastructure from 2015-2018.</li> <li>Identification of an estimated <a href="/CA/city-manager/Pages/Our-Finances/Economy/OurFinance-cost_savings.aspx" target="_blank">$607 million in operating savings​</a> and efficiencies to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of local government from 2015-2018.</li> <li>Became the first and only municipality in Canada to allow small business customers to start and manage their business completely online via <a href="/PDA/pd/Pages/myBusiness/my-business.aspx" target="_blank">myBusiness</a>.</li> <li>Provided $100 million to attract new businesses and help existing ones expand via the <a href="" target="_blank">Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund</a>.</li> <li>Provided City land for <a href="/General/Pages/Living%20labs/Drone-testing.aspx" target="_blank">drone flying</a>, as well as the testing of <a href="/General/Pages/Living%20labs/Autonomous-Vehicle.aspx" target="_blank">autonomous vehicles</a> and other technology via our <a href="/General/Pages/SmartCity/Living-Labs.aspx" target="_blank">Living Labs</a> initiative. </li> <li>Supported economic recovery via our <a href="/CA/city-manager/Pages/About-Us/OurStrategy-Economic-Resilience.aspx" target="_blank"><span>Economic Resiliency Strategy</span>.</a></li> <li>Limited tax increases for property owners via the <a href="/PDA/Assessment/Pages/phased-tax-program.aspx" target="_blank">Non-residential Phased Tax Program​</a>.<span style="font-size:8pt"></span></li> <li>Found new ways to integrate a cultural lens into plans, policies and operations across The Corporation via the <a href="/CSPS/Recreation/Documents/Arts-and-culture/CulturalPlanCalgary.pdf" target="_blank">Cultural Plan for Calgary​</a>.</li></ul></div>







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A prosperous city

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A city that moves

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Safe & inspiring neighborhoods

  • Provided major funding for the New Central Library.
  • Invested into the revitalization of Eau Claire.  
  • Developed a fully inclusive 15,000-square-foot playground with an approximate value of $1 million.
  • Celebrated the grand opening of Tuscany Fire Station 42 – an event that drew over 2000 community members.
  • Celebrated the on time and on budget opening of City-owned Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge.
  • Launched a first-of-its-kind partnership between The City of Calgary, Rotary Clubs of Calgary, and United Way of Calgary and Area to prototype and activated seven Community Hubs in priority locations across our city.
  • Got approval of funding for capital infrastructure and services to allow for the initiation of 14 new, MDP aligned, communities in Calgary. 
  • Joined with the Treaty 7 nations, Metis Nation Region 3 and the Inuit community to celebrate the renaming of the Reconciliation Bridge​.  
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A healthy and green city

  • Marked the first anniversary of the Green Cart composting program, which kept 111 million kilograms of food and yard waste out of landfills and cut our household garbage in half.
  • Provided clean drinking water with solar power at the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant, while another solar project at the Shepard Landfill gave new lease to over three hectares of formerly developed land.
  • Focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the management of energy use and preparing for a changing climate via our Climate Resilience Strategy. 
  • Embarked on a journey from recovery to resiliency in the five years since the 2013 flood​.


A well-run city

  • Completed our four-year service plans and budget to provide clarity on the value of City services received for tax dollars paid.
  • Approved amendments to the Land Use Bylaw allowing secondary suites as discretionary use within more areas. 
  • Announced new cannabis regulations that reflect feedback from Calgarians on public consumption, separation distances and where cannabis businesses should be located.
  • Approved the sale of City land to non-profit affordable housing providers. 
  • Launched the Joint Encampment Team Pilot (JET) Project, of which a key component is providing outreach to vulnerable Calgarians who experience mental health and addictions issues.
  • Continued improvement activities via a review of whether the right services are being provided in the right ways.
  • Approved the Integrated Civic Facility Planning Program which ensures City sites, where possible, are built with multiple purposes in mind and optimize the use of City-owned land while better serving the community.
  • Made amendments to the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and a new policy made way for citizens to keep livestock as emotional support animals when recommended by a psychologist or psychiatrist. 
  • Improved accessibility at facilities to reduce barriers for Calgarians, including:​