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Ensure all review authorities are updated on approved drawings

Cut Red Tape


Development Permits (DP), including Deep Site Service Plans (DSSP), and construction drawings are tracked by a software system at The City known as POSSE. City comments, approvals, and refusals are all sent out and tracked in the POSSE system. The City, as the approving authority, is able to check on the status of each application.
An information gap has been identified in the POSSE system when information is exchanged between applications types. For example, a DP release could depend on the approval of a DSSP application; however, the system does not provide auto notification to the DP City staff when the DSSP is approved.  This problem has been identified and is part of the POSSE enhancement work.
Status: Complete

Changes made

The POSSE system has been configured to send an email to inform City staff that the DSSP has been approved and that the Prior to Release (PTR) condition has been satisfied.


The change will provide an auto notification to City staff, resulting in a quicker response to remove the Prior to Release (PTR) condition. City staff will be notified that the DSSP has been approved, and they will then be able to update the DP to show that the PTR has been satisfied. This will also eliminate unnecessary delays and improve overall response time back to the applicant, which could result in the release of the DP up to 5 days earlier than before.


The auto-notification feature that advises the CPAG Generalist that the DSSP Prior to Release condition has been fulfilled will allow for more timely communication and reduced delays in advising the applicant and getting the DP released sooner.   This improvement also streamlines internal communication by eliminating unnecessary emails and phone calls to approvers inquiring on the status of approval. approval.                                           - Paul S. City of Calgary employee