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Availability of City inspectors seven days a week

Cut Red Tape


Providing City inspections seven days a week beyond the traditional work week (Monday to Friday) would offer more convenience to customers and help complete projects more quickly.

Status: Not feasible


This idea is deemed Not feasible as regular inspection hours must be maintained in accordance with union agreements. If there are emergencies, Building Regulations Safety Response Unit (SRU) provides 24-hours response to urgent unsafe matters which pose risk to the public.

The City has been working with Local Union 254 and 38 to have staff start their day from home instead of a depot to save time in getting to the field and to increase productivity. Service hours were not included in this work so as to not add complexity. Letters of understanding are close to be signed off for start from home and once done, a service hour review project will be proposed for the 2015 to 2016 PDA work plan. This project is deemed not feasible as it will extend past the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015.