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Cut Red Tape

Cutting red tape and streamlining processes provides many benefits for citizens, business and government but when it comes right down to it, the main objective is to save valuable money and time.

We're pleased to announce that, through the input of Calgarians, businesses and City employees, the cut red tape initiatives implemented up to March 31, 2015 have saved more than 143,000 hours and other related costs (paper, courier, etc.) which translates to over $14,675,000 in savings.

Total Cut Red Tape savings of $1,121,697 

*The numbers above have been calculated on the assumption of an average employee hourly wage of $30/hour and a citizen’s hourly wage of $35/hour. These numbers include savings up to March 31, 2015.

Every effort has been made to identify all possible savings, however, some of the following items may not have been factored into the savings calculations. Please see the individual project pages for what has been included in the calculations.

  • Potential revenue gained by opening your business or selling your products sooner
  • Travel time
  • Parking costs
  • Environmental impacts (trips downtown, printing costs)
  • Convenience (online options, availability 24x7)