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Reduce required funds for optional amenity agreements

Cut Red Tape


Currently, developers are encouraged to add public art/amenities to communities in a variety of forms. The optional amenity agreements are set up to create these features while keeping in mind the maintenance, costs and responsibilities that partners including The City, communications associations, developers and more need to agree to. However to encourage more public art being added, it is requested that less money is required of the developers to put towards the optional amenity agreements so more dollars can be put towards creating the art instead.

Status: Not feasible


As part of the corporate wide public art management framework project, The City is looking at all opportunities to improve the development of public art in the city. The Public Art Project Management framework was approved in January 2015. The framework will indicate how to handle public art in communities and opens up discussion with the Planning Development & Approvals department. However, the framework does not specifically address optional amenity agreements and will require more negotiations by PDA and developers.
As this project cannot be completed prior to the Cut Red Tape program end of June 2015, this idea is considered not feasible at this time. However, PDA and Recreation will continue to work on improvements in the future which include the possibility of working with developers on the optional amenity agreement.