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Red tape definition

Cut Red Tape
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Red tape adds time and complication when there often doesn’t need to be any.

Red tape refers to non-essential procedures, forms, licences, and regulations that Calgarians face which add to the cost of dealing with The City of Calgary. This includes anything obsolete, redundant, wasteful or confusing that diminishes Calgary’s economic and lifestyle competitiveness and stands in the way of job creation or wastes taxpayer time and money.

Red tape does not include activities that are demonstrably effective and necessary for the protection of public health, safety, and environment. 

Two of the five Council Priorities tie closely to cutting red tape at The City of Calgary:
A prosperous city
Calgary continues to grow as a magnet for talent, a place where there is opportunity for all, and the best place in Canada to start and grow a business.
- Cut red tape and continue to foster a competitive tax environment to help
small business succeed. 
A well-run city
Calgary's government is open, responsive, accountable and transparent, delivering excellent  services at a fair price. We work with our government partners to ensure we have the tools we need.
- Continue to transform the organization to be more citizen-focused in its approach and delivery of service.