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Reduce wait time for review of Water drawings

Cut Red Tape


As part of the development process, customers are required to submit as-built drawings at the completed stage of construction. As-built drawings include all of the changes that have been made to the original construction drawings and form the records for future reference.  The drawing sets include wastewater and storm as-built drawings.

Due to the extensive number of documents attached to each application, and a limited construction season, Water Resources receives high volumes of as-built drawings simultaneously.  Infrastructure inspectors conduct the as-built reviews and confirm the records meet standards and specifications.  The inspectors typically conduct the review in the construction low season and it can take Water Resources several months to complete the review process. Final acceptance certificates (FACs) are issued once the drawing review is completed.  Customers have requested a shorter time period for the review of the as-built drawings.
Status: Completed

Changes made

To speed up the review times for the built drawings, Water Resources has added a dedicated staff resource to specifically handle reviews throughout the year. Having staff resources dedicated to the reviews has significantly reduced the wait for customers. The average review time has been reduced from an average of eight months to two months.


While the review time of documents has been significantly reduced, it does not influence or put a hold on any additional process. The FAC is issued once construction of new wastewater and stormwater infrastructure is complete and is not a prerequisite for a building permit. In some cases, once the FAC is issued it will trigger the release of a letter of credit for some developers.  With the faster review times for as-built drawings, it will also allow the developer to receive their deposit back quicker as well.