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Airport property assessments

The Calgary International Airport is assessed annually as a non-residential property for taxation purposes. Assessment deems any property not used as a residence to be valued for assessment purposes as a non-residential property.

The Calgary International Airport is a large, diverse and complex parcel located in Calgary's northeast quadrant. It has approximately 5,260 acres of land and operates as Canada's third busiest airport.

The principle commercial activities carried out on the property are mainly aviation related.

  • The Airport Terminal Building (ATB) is the major facility on the premise.
  • The airport also has the following:
    • free standing parkades
    • two privately owned hotels
    • two privately owned free standing office buildings
    • numerous retail operations (leased) within the terminal building
    • many industrial buildings (leased).
  • Vacant land is mainly for future development, farming or parking purposes.

How airport properties are valued

Due to the diverse operations of the airport, all three approaches to value are used. There are three groupings based on ownership which is assessed under the airport property assessment process:

  • Calgary Airport Authority (CAA) Property
  • Land Tenants
  • Terminal Tenants

Approach to value

  • Calgary Airport Authority (CAA) Property — sales, income and cost approaches*
  • Land Tenants — sales, income and cost approaches*
  • Terminal Tenants — income approach

*Property located within the secured perimeter is valued using the cost approach as these buildings are not accessible to the general public and are unable to trade on the open market.

Vacant land is valued using the sales comparison approach. Industrial, office and retail portions of the property are typically valued using the income approach. Factors affecting the income valuation of the tenants include location, size and type of space. Information we use to assess airport properties (Key factors, components and variables).

The Airport has various types of tenants. For more information click on the property type below:

Industrial tenant properties are stratified under the following types:

  • Hang-M: Aviation Hangar Multi Tenant
  • Hang -S: Aviation Hangar Single Tenant
  • IWS: Industrial Warehouse Single tenant
  • IWM-L: Industrial Warehouse Multi Tenant — Large Bay
  • IWM-S: Industrial Warehouse Multi Tenant — Small Bay
  • AWM: Airside Warehouse Multi Tenant
  • IO S: Industrial Office Single Tenant
  • IO M: Industrial Office Multi Tenant
  • Office: Suburban Office
  • Car: Car Rental Facilities
  • Rest: Retail Restaurant Free Standing
  • SPB: Special Purpose Building (Misc Storage)

KCV - 2014 airport.pdf2014 Airport: Key Factors, Components & Variables

2014 Industrial tenant property strat (airport).pdf2014 Industrial tenant property stratification

More information about airport property assessments

Assessment Search at offers more information and enhanced search capabilities where you can do the following:

  • conduct more in-depth assessment research using real estate market information
  • find summary assessment information of other properties
  • find detailed information about your property