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Episode Two - Frankly My Dear, Let's Build A Dam (1930 - 1946)


Frankly My Dear, Let's Build a Dam (1930-1946)

Video Discussion Topics

  • What is a 'boom'?  A 'bust'?  What impact does each of these have on a city?
  • What were the challenges of Calgary's construction industry in the 30's?
  • What are some examples of initiatives that have significantly changed the face of Calgary? (i.e.: Glenmore dam, Currie Barracks, Upstream dams, Airport, etc.)
  • Why is the dam so important to our city today?
  • Although World War II took place a long way from Calgary, what impact  did it have on our city?
  • What evidence of the Canadian Forces do you still see in Calgary?
  • What have you learned about the zoning bylaws in Calgary at this time?  
  • Why are zoning bylaws important?
  • How did the Calgary Planning Commission contribute to Calgary’s development at this time?  Do you see evidence of this today?
  • When was your neighbourhood developed?


Suggested Activities

Activity 4 - Discover your Community

Activity 6 - Calgary Bridge Tour

Activity 7 - This Old Calgary House 



Essential Research Sources

Calgary Districts: A Research Guide 

Researching Building History


Debate and Deliberate

Investigate the redevelopment of Currie Barracks into Garrison Woods.  If you could redesign your neighbourhood, what would you do?

Field Trip Ideas
Heritage Park, Downtown, Inglewood, City of Calgary Archives, Calgary Public Library, Calgary Bridge Tour