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Wayfinding program

The City of Calgary’s wayfinding program helps people easily locate City Centre attractions and points of interest.

The wayfinding program informs people with a common look, language and logic to highlight key attractions in our Centre City which will benefit anyone who lives, works or plays in this dynamic area. The wayfinding program is primarily being funded through the Downtown Improvement and Beltline Community Investment Funds. These funds are generated through downtown licensing fees and developer bonusing contributions and are intended to be used for public realm improvements projects such as this program.

To support the longer-term sustainability of the wayfinding program, the Calgary Hotel Association has entered into a $75,000 sponsorship agreement distributed over 5 years with The City of Calgary to help pay for the maintenance and future content upgrades on the signage. The signage will also direct visitors to the mobile-friendly website, where they can discover more information about the different attractions and points of interest in the City Centre. You can also call 311 for more information.​​