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Amendment to the Southeast Industrial Area Structure Plan

Project overview

The City of Calgary is currently in the process of amending the Southeast Industrial Area Structure Plan (ASP) to accommodate the decommissioning of Posphogypsum Stack 2. The plan was approved in 1996 and includes the area south of Peigan Trail (43 Avenue S.E.), east of the residential communities of Ogden, Riverbend and Douglasdale and north of McKenzie Towne.

The Southeast Industrial ASP is approximately 3,763 hectares (9,299 acres) in size, comprised primarily of industrial uses, with limited commercial uses in the plan area.

The Southeast Industrial ASP was previously amended on October 5, 2015 to accommodate the decommissioning of Stack 1. This amendment served to remove the 400 metre setback allowing for additional uses to be approved by the Development Authority within the current land uses. The current amendment will remove the 400 metre setback from Stack 2.



Posphogypsum Stack 2 owned by Viterra Inc (formerly Western Co-operative Fertilizers Limited) has been decommissioned by the Province of Alberta, therefore existing development setback requirements listed in the ASP are no longer required. The amendment to the Southeast Industrial ASP will reflect these changes.

This process is unlikely to affect properties in surrounding areas. If approved, these changes will remove the 400 metre setback, allowing for additional uses to be approved by the Development Authority. This process will allow landowners within the existing 400 metre setback to obtain development permits for the additional uses not currently permitted in the setback including schools, hospitals, childcare facilities, and dwelling units.

Planning process

City staff will prepare proposed plan amendments and provide opportunities for adjacent landowners, the Ward Councillor, various City departments, and other external agencies to gather input. The proposed amendment is developed in compliance to City plans and policies including the Municipal Development Plan, and other regional plans.

In order to amend the ASP, City staff will prepare a report for Calgary Planning commission, making a recommendation on the proposed plan amendment. Calgary Planning Commission is a committee appointed annually by City Council to make recommendations to Council on land use planning matters. Calgary Planning Commission can request changes or forward the report along with their recommendation to City Council.

Once Calgary Planning Commission has made a recommendation to City Council, the proposed plan amendment is advertised for a two-week period and then proceeds to City Council for a final decision. Council is required to hold a public hearing for all area structure plan amendments.

Supporting information and documents

Southeast Industrial Area Structure Plan (adopted April 1996)


Q – What uses are not permitted under the existing 400m setback of the phophogypsum stack?
A – A development permit for a school hospital, child care facility, space care facility or dwelling is not currently permitted within the setback.


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