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Guidebook for Great Communities





Creating great communities for everyone, /PDA/pd/Documents/Current-studies-and-ongoing-activities/guidebook/Guidebook-for-Great-Communities_proposed.pdf

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Guidebook for Great Communities

Creating great communities for everyone

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How we work together

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The people and their communities​

With the Guidebook for Great Communities, we are planning communities in Calgary so they offer more housing, shops, and service choices for the people who live, work and visit them. When a community provides more opportunities, people can live in their neighbourhood regardless of age, income or stage in life.

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The policies and initiatives that drive them​

For planning the future of Calgary's built-out communities, The Guidebook is a policy document that combines policies, improved policies and new all in one document. It works with new Local area plans​ and sets the foundation for a renewed Land Use Bylaw​. Together they will help achieve the goals of the Municipal Development Plan in Calgary's built-out communities.

​Guidebook update

​​​​The public hearing for both the Guidebook for Great Communities and the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan, which was originally planned for April 27, 2020, has been deferred to a later date. This decision was supported by Council at the Combined Meeting of Council, on Monday, April 6.

Both Council and City Administration acknowledge COVID-19 is confronting Calgarians with significant challenges and concerns. Our citizens must have the ability to focus their energy and attention on these issues and themselves, at this time. In response, we are working on a new schedule for when these two reports will return for Council’s consideration. Once a new date is determined, we will provide an update.


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Guidebook for Great Communities - Guidebook 101 Presentation

Goals for great communities

Planning, building and sustaining great communities begins with a conversation about the needs and wants of current and future residents, businesses
and visitors to a community. What makes the community great for everyone?

We want to promote varied, inclusive and equitable housing options, and provide opportunities to access goods, services and amenities close by. We will work to offer opportunities to gather and participate in civic, arts, cultural and entertainment activities, in both public and private spaces, and provide varied and inclusive spaces and facilities for recreation, play, and outdoor activities close by. By ensuring spaces are designed for everyone, that they foster a sense of place and are connected together. Natural areas, biodiversity and ecological functions should be protected, restored, created and enjoyed. We want to enable and support prosperity through diverse economic opportunities at a variety of scales and support the use of existing streets, services and buildings to reduce the need for new infrastructure.

Learn more and contact us

Collaboration and feedback from all engagements has and continues to inform the work being done on the Guidebook. The Guidebook team is collaborating with several on-going projects that are all working towards building great communities for everyone. Some of these projects include:


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