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Downtown the place

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Downtown the place

​Building and supporting programming in the downtown that creates a destination and experience for all Calgarians and visitors to enjoy.

We aim to invest in and align programming to increase the number of downtown visitors and spending. Over the next 15 years, we will create a downtown that’s desirable to current and future businesses, residents and visitors.

This requires infrastructure investment, collaboration with the Calgary Heritage Authority, and safety resource alignment such as security patrols, the Downtown Outreach Additions Program, Calgary Police Service and others, to ensure Calgarians and visitors feel safe. We will measure success through a variety of metrics, including the number of building permits issued, the sales and rentals of downtown office space, the number of heritage assets and quantifying perceptions of safety and cleanliness.

Here are a few areas we’re focused on:

  • Develop a master plan and vision for Downtown West.
  • Create a master strategy outlining the vision and implementation of the future cultural/convention district.
  • Survey and interview private building owners to understand and align with their investment plans.
  • Meet with residential developers to understand their opportunities and constraints.
  • Engage with heritage building​ owners to identify opportunities that leverage and showcase heritage assets.

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Michael Brown

President & CEO

As President and CEO of Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, Michael has led the strategic direction of the organization since 2011. In his role, Michael works closely with the Board of Directors, City of Calgary and key community and business partners to realize the successful delivery of key infrastructure programs in support of the East Village Master Plan and the broader Rivers District Master Plan, along with pursing new opportunities to deliver value to CMLC’s sole shareholder, outside of the Rivers District.

Michael is actively involved in the Calgary community, providing his expertise to both business and cultural environments as a member on several boards and committees, including Calgary Economic Development’s Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund (OCIF); the Event Centre Assessment Committee (EVAC), to explore a proactive vision for an event centre in east Victoria Park; Chair of Calgary Economic Development’s Strategy Place Committee; and past Chair of the Calgary Opera.