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Living downtown

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Living downtown

​Ensuring that downtown is a neighbourhodd of choice to reside by providing the amenities to enhance the quality of life for people living downtown.

Our aim is to invest in physical infrastructure (e.g. sidewalks, parks, utility or road upgrades) that complement private investment. Over the next 15 years, downtown will become an inclusive and vibrant neighbourhood, and a destination for Calgarians and visitors.

We will measure success in a variety of ways, including monitoring population numbers and diversity, tracking hospitality and restaurant patronage, and counting participants and activities that are hosted downtown.

Here are a few areas we’re focused on:

  • Provide programming and services to enhance visitor and resident experiences, as well as increase visits locally​ and internationally.
  • Continue to enhance assets that both improve Calgarians’ quality of life and reflect our diversity. Some examples include the Glenbow Museum, Repsol Sport Centre and the Beltline Aquatic & Fitness Centre
  • Develop an enhanced map of attractions to help visitors experience our city. This would include events such as the Grey Cup festival and the Canadian Country Music Association awards.
  • Identify opportunities to repurpose buildings and other assets where possible, leveraging underused downtown spaces for performances, pop-up attractions and regular programming.

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James McLaughlin

James McLaughlin is responsible for managing the ongoing evolution of publicly accessible recreation, arts and culture services in Calgary. As Acting Director, James is involved in all aspects of service development for Calgary Recreation including policy development, planning, ongoing operations and new amenity developments. Through his leadership, James is focused on the creation of vibrant communities where citizens can be active and creative by strategically leading and investing in Calgary’s recreation sector. This includes amplifying the vibrancy of Calgary’s downtown communities through ongoing opportunities for citizens to be active and creative in the heart of Calgary.

As the lead of the “Live” pillar, James believes Calgary’s downtown should be present in all Calgarian’s minds when considering arts, recreation, culture and play opportunities. He envisions downtown as a culture maker for Calgarians. An inclusive place to live and a place where people from across the city, of all different backgrounds, come together. Above all, a city’s downtown should reflect and project the character of the city through the participation of all Calgarians.