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Pre-1970 suites

These suites may be existing non-conforming to current bylaw and code requirements, provided no structural changes have occurred since it was constructed and that it’s been used as a suite. Chat with us, or contact the Planning Services Centre at 403-268-5311 for more information about secondary suites and backyard suites in this land use district.

To have your secondary suite added to the Suite Registry, city approvals would be required:

If your suite requires no structural changes to meet safety codes:

If structural changes were done after 1970, a development permit is required.

    • Renovations that require a structural change or engineer to review plans such as new doorway, new windows over 48" in width, new openings over 25 per cent of foundation, or internally removing or altering a beam/post) would require a development permit.
    • Development applications are subject to The City’s review process, and provides a means through which neighbours, community associations and other affected individuals to provide feedback.
    • Any structural changes would remove the “existing non-conforming” status of the suite.
    • A building permit would also be required, and the suite would need to meet the safety requirements of the Alberta Fire Code.