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new AB building code

New Alberta Building Code


A new Alberta Building Code is in effect. Please review the changes.




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Information |  New Alberta Building Code

A new Alberta Building Code is in effect. Please review the changes.

Moving or demolishing a buil​ding

This information is for residential and commercial projects that require building demolition or removal.

When is a permit required?

A demolition permit is required whenever you are demolishing or moving a building from a site. This can include a partial building demolition as well as reducing a building to its foundation and rebuilding. In most cases, a demolition permit is not required for the removal of a detached residential garage​.

Interior commercial​ or interior residential​ demolitions require a building ​permit instead of a demolition permit.

How to apply

Step 1: Review the checklist, the Alberta Building Code and Land Use Bylaw​.

Determine which utilities require disconnection. Follow the Utility disconnection instructions and obtain the required signatures for water, electrical and gas services on your Service Disconnection Request Form before applying. The time it takes to receive each signature depends on each utility provider.

Step 2: Prepare your application

To prepare your application, complete the remainder of the demolitionchecklist​.

All applicants are required to fill out an asbestos abatement form regardless of when the building was constructed. All applicants must also fill out a public tree disclosure form whether or not public trees are nearby.


​​ ​Building Safety Approval - Building Permit
​Demolition ​​Please use the Building permit fee calculator​ to estimate your fee.

For online submissions with large permit costs, there is a deposit process in place that limits the amount paid online. For base building permit fees (Permit Fee) over $10,000, the deposit required to begin processing your application will be indicated as the deposit at the fee step in the online application. The remaining total building permit fee must be paid prior to permit issuance. You may complete your payment by mailing it to:

City of Calgary
Planning Cash Office
MC 8108
PO Box 2100 Stn M
Calgary, AB T2P 2M5

Please include your building permit number on the cheque and envelope.

Step 3: Apply

Apply online

Review The City’s criteria​ for information on how to organize your plans and documents when uploading to the online application.

In person
Once you have gathered all required documents, you can apply for your permit in person by visiting the Planning Services Centre. To skip the line, book an appointment.

Step 4: Inspections

Once you've received your demolition permit, you must provide secure site fencing​ and place your construction contact information sign on the fence.

After the demolition or move is complete, call 311 to book a post-demolition inspection.

There are several options available for booking an inspection. Download the 311 mobile app, visit 311 online services or phone 311. Your permit number, address and contact information will be required. Requests for next day inspection service must be made before 2 p.m. on a business day.

Additional information

Utility disconnection

Determine which utilities will be disconnected. For the water, electrical, and gas utilities a separate approval signature is required on your service disconnect request form. For more information regarding the various utilities’ procedures and applicable fees, please contact that particular utility office.

Doing work to a building that requires shut-offs with no demolition planned requires calling each individual utility provider to ask for their services to be disconnected. If only the services will be shut off, no demolition permit is required.

For your convenience you can also view these steps in the Demolition Permit Guide​.


When demolishing a house, the property’s water and sanitary service lines need to be disconnected at The City’s main line located under the street. Water lines should be removed/shut off prior to gas and electrical lines. This will help avoid any risk of damage due to frozen water lines.

As the lot owner, here’s what you need to know and actions you’ll need to take:

  • Please send us an email with the demolition site address, contact name and phone number.
  • We will reply with a service disconnection quote and application number.
  • Please pay the deposit through The City’s online payment system, Water ePay. The deposit is refundable if the services are disconnected and the lot owner applies for the deposit refund within two years.
  • After paying the deposit, call 311 to book a site visit with The City of Calgary Water meters group. At this appointment, we remove the water meter, shut off the water to your property, and sign the service disconnection request form. If the lot owner can’t attend, please arrange for a representative to be present.

If we cannot turn off the water to your property (e.g. due to infrastructure damage), a crimp procedure can be completed, where the pipe is folded over and closed off. In this situation, the lot owner or representative must contact a contractor to complete this work at the lot owner’s expense.   

Crimp procedure
If a crimp procedure is required, the lot owner must sign an acknowledgment of risk form. Once the contractor completes the crimp work, the lot owner books an inspection by emailing The City. After the inspection passes, The City estimator signs the service disconnection request form. Please allow a minimum of 24-hour notice for the inspection.

Costs and disconnection deposit
The lot owner is responsible for all expenses related to disconnections and new connections, including, for example, replacements and upgrades. The deposit is refundable if the services are disconnected and the lot owner applies for the deposit refund. If the refund is not applied for within two years of the date the deposit was made or the service fails before disconnection, The City reserves the right to disconnect the line and the deposit will not be refunded.

The disconnection deposit can be made on Water ePay by credit or debit card. Please note that some banking institutions may not allow debit cards. As you proceed through the online payment prompts, you will be asked for the application number and the type of quote. The quote types are standard residential disconnection and non-standard disconnection. Standard residential disconnection is used for residences on residential streets with low traffic and regular asphalt/concrete. Non-standard disconnection is used for all commercial and residential properties located in high traffic areas and/or areas with specialty asphalt/concrete.

Deposit refund
The services must be disconnected from the water and sewer mains for the disconnection deposit to be refunded. The refund will be made upon request and the request must be made within two years. The City will confirm that an indemnified contractor has completed the disconnections.

Deposits will only be returned to the individual who made the original payment. The City recently changed the payment system for deposits so there are two processes for obtaining your refund, depending when you paid the deposit.

Deposits paid in person at The City’s cashier counter
After your indemnified contractor disconnects the existing services at the water and sewer main, and The City issues a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) to your contractor, please send us an email with the following information:

  • a copy of your receipt
  • the contractor’s name
  • the mailing address for return of deposit

Deposits paid by Water ePay
After your indemnified contractor disconnects the existing services at the water and sewer main, and The City issues a Construction Completion Certificate (CCC) to your contractor, please send us an email with the following information:

  • application number
  • Water ePay receipt
  • contractor name
  • MyID username, contact name and phone number

The deposit is paid back to the credit or debit card that was originally used. If that credit card or debit card is expired, The City will issue a cheque in the name of the credit card holder used to make the original deposit.


You must visit one of the ATCO Gas locations listed below to make an application for removal. The disconnect has to be completed before an ATCO Gas representative can sign the demolition/removal form.

  • Midnapore Operations Centre, 383 Midpark Boulevard S.E. - 403-254-6200
  • Crowfoot Operations Centre, 500 Crowfoot Crescent N.W. – 403-245-7070
  • Whitehorn Operations Centre,  3055 37 Avenue N.E. – 403-219-8600


  • Contact your retailer to request a permanent service disconnect. Refer to your electrical bill for retailer contact information. They will arrange for the update to your account and will generate a service order to have your services permanently removed.
  • After the service has been disconnected, scan and email the service disconnection form​ to for authorized sign off. For additional information, phone 403-514-2807.

Waste and recycling

If you have a blue recycling, black waste, or green food and yard waste collection cart, the cart(s) must be empty and available to be picked up on the same date as your scheduled water service disconnect appointment.

Cable television and telephone

Remember to contact your cable and telephone providers to have these services disconnected prior to demolition.

Asbestos removal requirements

As a part of the demolition application, the applicant must submit the Asbestos Abatement Form​ prior to starting demolition. Before demolition, the building must be inspected by a professional asbestos removal company. The applicant must either obtain confirmation that there is no asbestos or have the asbestos professionally removed.

Visit the government of Alberta’s website for information about Occupational Health and Safety.

Tree protection policy

You must submit a Public Tree Disclosure Statement with your application regardless of the proximity of public trees to your demolition site.

Tree protection during demolition is important, as often times injured trees will not show signs of decline until as late as 10 years after the damage. A tree protection plan is required when a public tree is within six meters of the demolition. If you do not have a public tree within six meters of the site, please indicate ‘No’ on the Public Tree Disclosure Statement​.

For more information about tree protection plans, visit

Heritage designation

All demolition and moving applications will be reviewed by a heritage planner. This review occurs after the application has been submitted and must be approved prior to being issued.

Construction site contact information sign

A construction site contact information sign must be attached to the security fence and visible from the street. If you do not have your own sign, The City can provide one after issuing the demolition permit at the Planning Services Centre. The sign must be posted any time a construction activity, including demolition, poses a potential public hazard. The property owner is required to ensure public safety around the construction site.

Demolishing a detached garage

If you are demolishing a detached garage or accessory buildings over 10 square meters in addition to the main building, you must include it on the site plan and in the demolition area calculations. The property assessment and property taxes will be impacted.

If you are demolishing only a detached residential garage:

A demolition permit is only required for removing detached residential garages and accessory residential buildings that are over 10 square metres if:

  • The garage or accessory building is independently serviced, or
  • The garage or accessory building has the primary utility meters/connections for the residence.

You do not require a demolition permit for detached residential garages and accessory residential building if:

  • The garage or accessory building has no utility services, or
  • The garage or accessory building will be demolished and replaced with another garage or accessory building (the demolition of the existing structure is included in the permit for the new structure).

If you are only demolishing a detached residential garage and not replacing it with another garage, contact Property Assessment.

Call before you dig

Always call Alberta One Call before you dig: 1-800-242-3447. For more information or to submit a locate request, visit Alberta One-Call.

Disclaimer: This information has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various bylaws, codes and regulations currently in effect. The City of Calgary accepts no responsibility to persons relying solely on this information. Web pages are updated periodically.

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