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Calgary Approvals Coordination bulletins

​Version d​​ate Document
​2019 May 2019 Development Agreement Approved
​2018 February Electronic Building Permit release
​2018 January ​Erosion and Sediment Control Document Survey Follow-up, Workshops and Implementation Timelines
​2017 June ​Changes to water certificate inspection schedule​
​2017 May Parks Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) submission process changes​
​2017 May Water resources, infrastructure planning industry contacts​​
​2017 March Subdivision contacts by area - 2017
​2017 March Changes to Invoicing
​2017 January ​DA Combined Storm Target Update
​2017 January Test Manhole and DSSP Submission Process Update​
​2016, De​cember December Calgary Approvals Coordination Forum​
​2016, May ​Infrastructure Planning Poseidononline Go Live Date - May 30, 2016
​2016, January Water Resources - Revision To Erosion And Sediment Control Report And Drawings Submission Process
​2015, ​December ​​​​Water Resources Industry Bulletin: Water Main Flushing and De-Chlorination
​2015, November Water Resources/Water Services - Low Impact Development Modules update
​2015, October 26 ​​Stormwater Volume Control Targets Update
​2015, October 21 Residential Street Design Policy - revised CCC/FAC Procedure
​2015, June 12 Water Resources, Development Approvals - Subdivision Stormwater Management Report Resubmit Process
​2015, April 01 Water Resources Development Approval Submission Process Update
​2015, March 30 2015 Acreage Assessment Rates
​​2014, November 24 Installation of Water and Sewer Connections
​2014, September 22 Updates to Stormwater Management Report (SWMR) Submission and Approvals Processes
​2014, September 18 Water Resources/Water Services - Interim Stormwater Targets 2014
​2014, September 18 Water Resources/Water Services - Low Impact Development Modules
​2014, August 19 Geotechnical Report Limitations - Revised
​2014, July 11 ​Updates to Stormwater Management Report Submission and Approvals Processes
​2014, June 25 ​E- Construction Drawings – How are we doing?
2014, May 27 Water Resources/Water Services - Frequency analysis procedures
2014, May 21 Manhole channel sizing
2014, May 1 Water Resources - Submission process update: Development Approvals Management Systems (DAMS) Phase 2, Release 1
2014, April 4 Water Resources 2014 standard specifications: Waterworks construction and sewer construction
2014, April 1 Water Resources - Interim stormwater targets 2014
2014, March 31 2014 acreage assessment rates
2014, March 25 Building grade plan approval

About Urban Development

Urban Development is a division of Development & Building Approvals and functions as a review and coordinating entity on behalf of several City of Calgary business units:

Urban Development is comprised of four sections:

  • Subdivision Development
  • Engineering Development
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Development Servicing

Urban Development's role

One of The City's primary goals is to ensure development occurs safely and in accordance with engineering standards. As one of the four partner divisions that make up the Corporate Planning Applications Group (CPAG), Urban Development coordinates feedback from engineers and other technical specialists about:

  • Land use amendments
  • Outline plans
  • Subdivisions
  • Development permits
  • Development liaison files
  • Airport development files

Urban Development leads in the circulation and review of subdivision construction drawings, development site servicing plans (DSSPs) and grade slips. It is also involved with reviewing policy plans, subdivision legal plans and special circulations for ministerial consent on behalf of the Province of Alberta within Calgary’s Stoney Trail Ring Road, which is a Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC).

Another primary role of Urban Development is to act as the steward of the standard development agreement, which defines the legally-binding rules agreed upon between The City and the developer regarding construction, maintenance and creation of public infrastructure This includes all Council approved acreage assessments and fees.

The standard development agreement is comprised of three agreements:

  • The Interim Indemnification Agreement (IIA)
  • The Master Development Agreement (MDA)
  • The Special Clauses Agreement (SCA)

This role involves working closely with both industry and City business units to negotiate the terms of the annual Master Development Agreement. It also involves preparing and administering a Special Clause Agreement for each proposed subdivision/ development.

​​​​​​​​The last role of Urban Development is to effectively coordinate infrastructure investment in collaboration with other City business units. This work involves consultation in regard to timing and scope of infrastructure investment for both greenfield communities and redevelopment areas.​​​​​​​​​​