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Bee and butterfly pollinator boulevard

‚ÄčThe City and its partners are building a pollinator-friendly corridor from Macleod Trail to Bow Bottom Trail. This will be maintained with wildflowers and native plant material as well as a variety of nesting habitats (logs, sandy soil plots, nest boxes).

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  • Native flower beds for bee & butterfly pollination
  • Log nesting habitats for bee pollination

The project will benefit pollinators (such as bees), and also provide awareness and information to adjacent schools and the surrounding community via information signs installed in the beds in 2018. This project will also reduce the maintenance requirements for the adjacent boulevards.

A main bee bed is installed near Acadia Drive SE and Canyon Meadow Drive SE, across from St. Bonaventure School. Additionally, native flower beds will be planted along the bike path on the south side of Canyon Meadows Drive, which will also attract native bees and butterflies.