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Hidden Creek Drive N.W. culvert rehabilitation

The City of Calgary will be completing rehabilitation work on the existing culvert structure that runs beneath Hidden Creek Drive N.W. in Hanson Ranch. This open bottom culvert allows the West Nose Creek to freely flow under the roadway.

Rehabilitation work is expected to begin in late-March and be completed by June 2019.

Traffic impact

Traffic through-lanes will be maintained in both directions along Hidden Creek Drive for the duration of the project. The southbound curb lane will be closed during construction. 

Pedestrian impact

Pedestrian access onto the regional pathway along West Nose Creek will remain open for the duration of the project.

The sidewalk along the northwest side of Hidden Creek Drive N.W. will be closed during construction, while the sidewalk on the other side of the road will remain open for pedestrian use. The sidewalk closure will be in conjunction with the curb lane closure.

Additional pedestrian crossings and signage will be added to the end of Hidden Creek Drive where the road meets Hidden Creek Boulevard and Hidden Creek Place / Hidden Creek Green.


This webpage will provide project updates as they become available. You can also:


  • Rehabilitation start: late March 2019
  • Rehabilitation completion: June 2019