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Overhead traffic alert signs

To help people get around and provide motorists with up to date traffic information The City is implementing new Advanced Travel Emergency Management Systems (ATEMS) throughout downtown by installing digital message signs (DMS) on +15 overpasses and free standing poles. These new DMS will provide traffic incident information, including major collisions and planned or emergency road or lane closures, to better inform motorist’s downtown of incidents that could impact their commute.

The City of Calgary Roads also worked with the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) on this project to ensure signs would be used to provide information to citizens during large-scale emergencies and evacuations.

Over-height vehicle detection system

As part of the ATEMS project, infrared over height vehicle detection systems are also going to be installed at various locations. It is estimated that over 180,000 vehicles pass under +15 bridges each day, and the number of pedestrians using the sidewalks under the bridges is of the same magnitude.

Most of the +15 structures require careful maintenance and frequent restoration work, so by displaying the warning message to drivers when their vehicle is over-height and could cause damage, they will protect them from serious damage to both vehicle and +15 structures.

Seven locations have been selected based on height, location and history of impacts. These installations will occur in tandem with ATEMS installation.


Initially The City will install 11 ATEMS signs. Five will be attached to +15 underpasses and six will be attached to free standing cantilevered posts being constructed in late October 2016. Once concrete bases have been built for the free-standing signs the digital message signs will be installed at all 11 locations, approximately four weeks after the installation of the concrete bases. Construction on the first ATEMS locations will begin in November 2016.

Free-standing locations

  • Centre Street S. between 3 Avenue and 4 Avenue
  • 9 Avenue S.W. and West of 11 Street S.W.
  • 4 Avenue S.E. – West of 3 Street (Harry Hays and Delta Bow Valley Inn)
  • Macleod Trail S.E. between 10 Avenue S.E. and 11 Avenue S.E.
  • 4 Street S.W. between 11 Avenue S.W. and 12 Avenue S.W.
  • 9 Avenue S.E. between 6 Street and 7 Street (by Fort Calgary)

+15 locations

  • 1 Street S.E. between 6 Avenue S.E. and 7 Avenue S.E. (Andrew Davison - Carter Place)
  • 5 Avenue between 5 Street and 6 Street (640 Fifth - Fifth & Fifth)
  • 9 Avenue between 1 Street S.W. and Centre Street S. (Encana Place – Tower Centre)
  • 6 Avenue between 1 Street and Macleod Trail (CBE Building – Rocky Mountain Court)
  • 5 Avenue between 1 Street and 2 Street (Bow Valley Square – Fifth Avenue Place)