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Overweight and Load Ban permits

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Carriers are responsible to obtain all required permits to move overweight loads within Alberta or elsewhere.

Overweight Vehicles on Bridges Permit

Overweight Vehicle on Bridge permits are required when carriers wish to cross a bridge with a vehicle whose axel weight exceeds its legal load. These permits are issued through the Government of Alberta’s TRAVIS permitting system under TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing).

Overweight Vehicles on Roadways Permit

Overweight Vehicle on Roadway permits are required for vehicles whose actual Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) exceeds their licensed GVW. These are issued through the Government of Alberta’s TRAVIS permitting system under TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing).

Load Ban Permits

Thin pavement, oiled roads and some gravel roads must be protected by reducing allowable axle weights. Therefore, a load ban permit is required for vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of more than 5000 kg to travel on a load-banned road.

Restricted roadways are posted with signs showing the required axle weight reduction (expressed as a percentage of the licensed axle weight). Consult the Load Bans Map for current load bans and prohibitions; bans are reviewed annually.

All City of Calgary load ban permits are issued through the Government of Alberta’s TRAVIS permitting system.

Load-banned roads, March 15 - May 15


Load-banned roads - spring

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Load-banned roads, year round


Load-banned roads

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Alberta TRAVIS permits

To inquire about a TRAVIS permit application, contact the TRAVIS permit office:

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Regulations and Permissions

All overweight moves are governed under and subject to the following legislation:

Municipal:  Calgary Bylaws - Calgary Traffic Bylaw 26M96; Calgary Truck Route Bylaw 60M90; Dangerous Goods Routes Bylaw 13M2004  

Provincial: Provincial Legislation (Transportation) - The Traffic Safety Act; Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulation; Alberta Electric System Operator Regulation

Federal:  Transport Canada - The Motor Vehicle Transport Act and Regulations