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Types of traffic monitoring cameras

The main purpose of the 73 traffic cameras is to monitor traffic flow, road and weather conditions and to look for incidents on Calgary roads. The images from City traffic monitoring cameras are a major component of the Advanced Traveller Information System  which allows you to view the camera location images on a website.

Another type of traffic monitoring camera is the Intersection Video detection camera. This camera is used for vehicle presence detection and is an alternative to installing sensors built into the road.

The cameras are not used for enforcement purposes such as photo radar or red-light cameras used by Calgary Police services. Images are not recorded unless a traffic study is being conducted or a major construction project is being monitored.

No personal information such as license plate numbers or car occupant faces are recorded by the camera system. The City respects Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) legislation and has completed a "Privacy Impact Assessment" to address privacy issues related to the camera system.

The pan tilt zoom (PTZ) traffic camera The Intersection Video Detection camera
These cameras are generally not recorded unless there is a traffic study being done. 

These cameras are never recorded and are used only for vehicle presence detection.