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Truck routes

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The City of Calgary designates certain roads or areas for use by trucks, and restricts certain truck routes by time of day or by number of axles. Trucks are prohibited from all other roads except where necessary to make deliveries, supply a service, or obtain fuel, repairs, food or accommodation (at commercial premises). Designated truck routes are shown on theTruck route map.

The City of Calgary Truck Route Bylaw defines a truck as:

  • A truck-type vehicle with a maximum weight in excess of 5,450 kilograms.
  • Any self-propelled vehicle, excluding Calgary Transit buses and school buses, with a maximum weight in excess of 5,450 kilograms.
  • A tractor, grader, road building or road maintenance equipment or construction equipment (other than truck-type vehicles) regardless of weight.
  • A 'school bus' by definition, only qualifies as a school bus, as long as it is actively engaged in the transport of pupils or for authorized school-related activities. Once the bus is no longer being operated in this manner (i.e. carrying passengers or completing the trip to/from the destination), it ceases to operate as a 'school bus' and is therefore subject to all the restrictions otherwise placed on trucks or truck-type vehicles. School buses are categorized as trucks when parked unless they are parked at a school, or a school-related destination, between the hours of 5 a.m. and 5 p.m., school days.

All persons using the information on this page are reminded that it has been consolidated for information purposes and that it has no legislative sanction. Please consult the following Acts or Bylaws for the purpose of interpreting and applying the law:


Truck Route Map

Truck route map​​​​​​​​

Free print versions of the Truck route map, including case-lots, are available for in-person pick-up only at the Roads Traffic Permit Office. If more than five maps are required, please call 311 at least two business days in advance to arrange pick-up, as maps are stored at an off-site location.

Roads Traffic Permit Office
677 25 Avenue S.E.
Manchester Building U
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (closed statutory holidays)

Alberta TRAVIS Permits

To inquire about a TRAVIS permit application, contact the TRAVIS permit office:
TRAVIS Web (Overloads/Annuals/Licensing)

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