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4 Street S.W. Underpass Enhancement

Project update - June 13, 2019

The 4 Street S.W. Underpass which integrates architecture, infrastructure and artwork is complete and open for people to use.

The project included new sidewalk concrete and retaining wall repairs, new handrails, concrete framework for new stairs connecting to the 9 Avenue overpass, improvements to the 3 Street turnoff for increased pedestrian safety, and upgrades to the ENMAX underground duct banks.

The animated light and colour on both sides of the underpass contains thousands of LED lights which appear to be in motion. Following the concept of a mirrored silhouette, cameras will sense a person in the underpass and will project their shadow on the other side of the walkway which appears to be walking towards them.


About the project

Situated between 8 Avenue and 10 Avenue, the 4 Street S.W. underpass is a main gateway and key corridor for pedestrians and vehicles moving between the Beltline and downtown core, servicing over 8,000 pedestrians each day.

The project design was developed by the Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative (MBAC) and integrates architecture, infrastructure and artwork into the redesign of the space. Internationally acclaimed artist Krzysztof Wodiczko is also part of the design team.

The enhancement project is part of a broader Centre City Underpass Enhancement Program ​being facilitated by The City to improve the pedestrian environment and underpass connections between the Beltline and downtown communities. The City has been undertaking operational improvements to clean up and brighten other existing underpasses including 1 Street S.W., 5 Street S.W. and 8 Street S.W.


Fill out the 311 online form if you have questions or require more information.

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Project timeline

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017: ENMAX completed utility upgrades beneath the east pedestrian walkway
Fall 2017: Construction on the enhancements begin
2019: Completed

Project budget

The budget for this project is $9.5 million, and includes a $1.115 million contribution from the Beltline Community Investment Fund.