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14 Ave - 15 Ave one way streets: 17 Ave S.W. construction


The City is investing in 17 Ave S.W. and the Beltline by upgrading the road, utilities and sidewalks on 17 Ave S., between 14 Street S.W. and Macleod Trail.

When construction is underway on 17 Ave S.W., people can get around the construction area and still get to 17 Ave S.W. by driving on the new one-way streets on westbound 14 Avenue S.W. and eastbound 15 Avenue S.W. These one-way streets, which run between 12 Street S.W. and Macleod Trail, allow drivers and transit buses to stay as close to 17 Ave S.W. and parking, during construction.

All sidewalks on 17 Ave. S.W. will remain open.


See how the one-way avenues work:

14 Ave S.W. one-way westbound


15 Ave S.W. one-way eastbound


These images represent the operation of a typical one-way block on westbound 14 Avenue S.W. and eastbound 15 Avenue S.W. Individual blocks and intersections may operate differently depending on the surrounding environment.


14-15 Ave Detour FAQ

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  • No. the one-ways streets will direct people back onto 17 Avenue S., after they pass construction.
  • Stop signs and traffic signals will be in place to control traffic volumes and speed.
  • On-street parking remains on both sides and only temporarily removed for temporary bus stops and near intersections.
  • The City will also monitor the Avenues to ensure traffic is moving safely and efficiently.
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  • 14th Avenue S. is one westbound traffic lane, with parking on both sides of the street.
  • 15th Avenue S. is one eastbound traffic lane, with parking on both sides of the street.
  • People driving only use the one-ways to move around the construction area. Signs are in place, directing people back onto 17th Ave. S.W. after they pass the construction area.
  • As the construction moves west on 17th Ave. S.W., the signs will also move on 14th and 15th Avenues S., to reflect the construction area.
  • All walking connections in the Beltline community remain in place.
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  • Consistency and predictability make the street safer. The construction area on 17th Ave S.W. will move west through the year, fluctuating from one to three blocks.
  • Continually switching 14th and 15th Avenues S. between two-way to one-way streets throughout the year, means an unpredictable street that is constantly changing how people travel. This uncertainty and inconsistency leads to an unsafe environment.
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  • The existing stop signs and parking on both sides of 14th and 15th Avenues S. remain in place. The stop signs and on-street parking are traffic calming measures, which encourages people to drive slow and return to 17th Ave S.W., once they’ve passed the construction zone.
  • The City installed temporary curb extensions at every intersection that does not have a traffic signal. These curb extensions enhance visibility, make crossing easier for people driving and walking, and have been used successfully in other communities​ around Calgary.

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