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Information for business owners: 17 Ave S.W. construction


17th Ave S.W. is one of Calgary's most popular places to eat, shop and do business. If you've got a business on 17th Ave S.W. or in the area, you probably have lots of questions about the work we're doing. Find the answers to your questions here. If you're not finding what you're looking for, reach out to the project team. We're available to chat.


When will construction happen on my block and for how long?

Check out the Construction Schedule​ to find out when work will be done outside your business.

Note, the schedule may vary at times from what's proposed, as progress may be impacted by inclement weather conditions or unforeseen underground conditions.

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How much notice will I be given before construction begins in front of my business?

The City's project management team will be meeting with all individual property and business owners within the 2019 construction areas prior to construction starting in spring 2019. Property and business owners will have at least a few weeks' notice of construction activities in front of their business. The City's project team will also continue to be available to every property and business owner in these areas during construction should any issues arise.

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Business and building information during construction​



17th Ave SW Business Support

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There may be some impact to a building's utility services. In every case, if required, alternate services will be provided. If services need to be interrupted, The City's project team will work with each business on a case-by-case basis to schedule disruptions so they do not interfere with daily operations.

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If you receive deliveries and garbage collection from the back alley of your building, it's expected deliveries and garbage collection will continue as normal. If you receive deliveries and garbage collection in front of your building, and construction impedes it, The City's project team will work directly with you, including The City's or private garbage collection companies if necessary, to organize alternate arrangements to ensure your business can continue to operate.

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The City is working with the 17th Ave Retail & Entertainment District to ensure The City's messaging and communications reflect how people can still access and get to 17th Avenue S.W. during construction.

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Before construction begins, The City's project team will ensure that you have the right team contacts in the event that an incident of this nature occurs. The project inbox is also always available should you have any questions or concerns. The email address is:​

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If parking or driveway access is exclusively from 17 Avenue S.W. without an alternative access, The City's project team will work with the business owner or property owner directly to ensure access is maintained.

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The City's project management team will work directly with every affected property and business owner during the construction season to manage potential utility or access disruption, and to coordinate sidewalk related improvements as part of the 17th Avenue S. streetscaping.

Issues related to property taxation or business revenue are beyond the purview of The City's 17th Avenue S.W. Construction project team.​ If you feel you have suffered a loss, please call 311 to start the formal claim process and then reach out to the project team for further details.

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As part of replacing the deep utilities, The City will replace the water and sanitary sewer mains and individual building service connections up to each respective property line. If replacement is required (because of building/service connection age, deterioration, or other reason) from property line to building face, property owners may be responsible for th​e upgrade costs. The City's project team will consult with every property owner to discuss this matter as the project progresses.

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