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Trans Canada Highway / Bowfort Road N.W. Interchange Project and related roadworks

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Construction update – October 10, 2017

The City of Calgary held a special event on August 31 to officially celebrate the opening of the new Trans Canada Highway and Bowfort Road interchange. The event featured Mayor Naheed Nenshi, Calgary-North West MLA Sandra Jansen and Winsport President & CEO Barry Heck.

The new interchange provides Calgarians with better and safer access to area businesses, local communities, Winsport/Canada Olympic Park, and new developments, as well as free flow of traffic on the Trans Canada Highway for people entering or exiting the city.

Watch video of the event to celebrate the completion of the project.

About the project

The project design includes the creation of a free-flow six-lane roadway for 16 Avenue NW/Trans Canada Highway (TCH) beneath a new interchange/bridge at Bowfort Road. The new interchange will have dual left turns in all directions and two through lanes in each direction on Bowfort Road. The project also includes roadway and utility improvements along Bowfort Road, 83 Street N.W. and Canada Olympic Drive.

The ultimate plan is designed to incorporate the future interchange upgrade at Stoney Trail to the west and accommodate a basket weave structure in the eastbound direction. Alberta Transportation has been consulted to ensure coordination with the TCH/Stoney Trail Interchange project. The plan also accommodates the widening of the Trans Canada Highway should that be required in the future.

Project timeline

  • Sept. 2, 2015 Traffic moved onto six-lane TCH detour
  • Sept. 2015 Excavation for bridge/interchange begins
  • Fall/Winter 2015 Bridge construction begins along with relocation of utilities and work on 83 Street and Bowfort Road
  • September 6, 2016 83 Street N.W. re-opened
  • Fall/Winter 2016 Work continues on Bowfort Road reconstruction and on completion of new interchange
  • August 31, 2017 – Official event to celebrate completion of new interchange

Project budget

$71.7 million capital budget

Project background

The Trans Canada Highway (16 Avenue North) is a major east-west transportation route through Calgary, providing a continuous link through the city and connecting to the provincial and national highway systems. The segment of the highway between the west city limits and Sarcee Trail is the primary entrance to Calgary from British Columbia and the Rocky Mountain Parks.

Bowfort Road is a major road servicing Canada Olympic Park, a major recreational area and tourist site to the south, and businesses and communities to the north.

The previous intersection was not capable of handling the traffic volumes generated by large scale events at Winsport, or the 60,000 vehicles that passed through the area every day. In July 2014 Council approved the plans to move ahead with an interchange at this location.

Bowfort Road / 83 Street N.W.

83 Street and Bowfort Road have been reconstructed with new underground utility services and a new paved road and pathway/sidewalk areas. The improved surfaces will provide for better traffic flows and increased safety for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.


The pathway and sidewalk system for people walking and cycling has be greatly improved as a result of this project. Construction of pathways on both sides of Bowfort Road improves safety for people walking and cycling, and provides one safe, controlled pedestrian / cycle route across from the Bowfort Area to Canada Olympic Park and the Medicine Hills development (east side of the bridge).

Public Art

There are two elements of public art, designed to capture the essence, personality and history of this location. The four Bowfort Towers on the south side of the TCH feature unique Rundle stones. The earthworks element of the public art will be located on the north side of the TCH.

Public engagement/communications

Communications and stakeholder and public engagement has occurred regularly in relation to this project.

In May 2014 small group update sessions were held with area businesses and property owners, as well as the Bowness and Valley Ridge Community Associations with a proposed revised design. In June 2014, two public open houses were held to provide the same information.

Further small group stakeholder meetings were held in 2015 to provide more details on the construction of the interchange and associated roadworks. An Information Session for businesses along Bowfort Road was held in March 2015 followed by a public information session in April.

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