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Westhills Way

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Project Update

Construction of Westhills Way is complete. We've installed the streetlights, paved the road and pathways, and hydro seeded the boulevard. Until fall 2021, the new road will wait patiently until the SWRR opens, at which time people will be able to use it and have direct access between the ring road and the Westhills and Signal Hill shopping areas.


Westhills Way is a Southwest Ring Road (SWRR) project that The City constructed. When the SWRR opens in fall 2021, this new road will connect the Westhills shopping area directly with the ring road. Before 2021, it will be an access to The City's new Sarcee Operations Works Centre administration building.

About the project

Westhills Way is one of four new road connections (Westhills Way, 90 Avenue S.W., Southland Drive S.W. and 162 Avenue S.W.) to the future SWRR. The City is designing and constructing all four of them because they are located within the city limits. Here are some features of Westhills Way and the role it plays with the surrounding road network:

  • Adds an access to the Westhills and Signal Hill shopping district for people visiting the area
  • Helps redistribute traffic in and out of the area
  • Will connect directly to the SWRR
  • Includes regional pathways on both sides, connecting to the Richmond Road pathway
  • Maintains the existing earth berm on the west side (no impacts to the berm are expected)
  • Provides access to The City's new Sarcee Operations Works Centre administration building


The following drawings show the design of Westhills Way and its connections to the surrounding streets, pathways and the SWRR:

Calgary's southwest ring road

This project is one of several City-led projects to connect Calgary's road network to the ring road. To learn more about these other projects, as well as information on SWRR, including construction schedule, design and the history of the project, visit Calgary's southwest ring road home page.


Project timelines

  • Construction: Completed in late 2016
  • Access to Sarcee Operations Works Centre area only: Late 2016
  • Road opens to public: Late 2021 in conjunction with the completion of the SWRR