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Airport Transit Study – Green Line to Blue Line Connector

Project Update - September, 2019

In Phase 2, The City presented the technology, alignment and station location options that were considered. We showed how each of the options addressed the criteria stakeholders and the public identified as important in Phase 1, as well as how well each option met The City’s technical criteria. Stakeholders and the public were then asked for feedback on the study recommendations.

You can view the presentation materials, a summary of the feedback on the study recommendations and what we did with feedback throughout the project by visiting the engagement webpage.


Project Overview

A future transit connection will ultimately provide improved transit access to the Calgary International Airport by connecting the future Green Line LRT with the future Blue Line LRT. The Airport Transit Study will review technical requirements and provide preliminary estimates of capital and operating costs, land requirements, infrastructure requirements and community impacts.

The study will include recommendations for:

  • The alignment, as well as number and location of stations between the future 96 Avenue N.E. Green Line station and 19 Street N.E.
  • A transit technology (examples include high-floor LRT, low-floor LRT and automated people mover)
  • Locations for a maintenance and storage facility
  • Land requirements
  • A staging plan and cost estimates

There is currently no funding for the detailed design or construction of this connection.

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Project Background

An airport transit connection is identified in the Calgary Transportation Plan as part of the Primary Transit Network. There are two Council-approved functional plans that form the foundation for this project:

In 2017, The City of Calgary and The Calgary International Airport completed a Review and Update of the 2012 Airport Trail Functional Planning Study, which was approved by Council on April 10, 2017.

What has been decided

The alignment of the connection from 19 Street N.E. to the eastern boundary of the study area (Blue Line LRT), and the connection to the airport terminal, has already been set to align with the approved functional planning studies and the location of the Airport Trail tunnel.

Engagement opportunities

Public engagement is now complete for this pr​oject.

For more information about engagement for the project please visit the engagement page.

Project timeline

  • Phase 1 - Goals, Issues and Opportunities (summer - fall 2018)
  • Phase 2 - Concept Evaluation and Recommendation (spring 2019)
  • Phase 3 - Share Final Recommendations and Presentation to Council (fall/winter 2019)