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Green Line Area Redevelopment committee

Green Line Area Redevelopment committee​

Lo​cal volunteer opportunity

Join Green Line Area Redevelopment committee and act as a local advisor for your community!

The Green Line Area Redevelopment committees includes locally-focused working groups for the communities of Ramsay, Lynnwood, Millican, Ogden, South Hill and Riverbend. Volunteers on each committee will contribute their local knowledge toward the area redevelopment plan (ARP) or station area plan (SAP) that covers their community. The City is now accepting applications for volunteers to review and discuss current redevelopment policies which will guide how these areas grow and change over time. ​

The Green Line is an important transportation network which creates access for many people working, living, visiting and travelling through surrounding communities. With the help of Calgarians, The City is creating policy documents to guide development and growth in communities and station areas near the new Light Rail Transit line.

We are looking for community members of all ages, who are interested in:

  • Learning about The City’s planning and policy development process
  • Acting as a local leader to provide important insight into future development and
    growth in the community
  • Gaining experience analysing local policy planning work
  • Informing future public input processes for related work in your community

Time co​​mmitment

The committee will be selected in early September and commence bi-monthly meetings and review assignments through the fall and winter of 2017. There is the potential the group participation could expand into 2018. This will be discussed in working sessions.

Terms of reference​

What will you do as a member of Green Line Area Redevelopment committee?

  • Review and discuss existing policy work to add local context or identify where additional focus is required to enhance local planning work.
  • You will attend meetings as well as follow-up with at-home review assignments.

How many people will be involved in the group?

  • The group will include 10 to 12 local representatives who have a variety of local perspectives. This could include residents, people who work in the area, business owners, local developers or real-estate professionals, community association members or people who actively participate in local activities.

How long will this group be active?

  • Joining the Green Line Area Redevelopment committee will be a 6 month commitment with the opportunity for extension to be determined by the committee in a working session.

Can I be part of the Green Line Area Redevelopment committee but not attend the meetings?

  • It’s important that members attend meetings, get to know one another, and work collaboratively. 
  • Please tell us if there are barriers that might prevent you from attending the meetings and being an active member. We will determine whether there is something we can do to help you attend meetings, or include you in other capacities.

I have a disability, and need accommodation services so that I can participate in the Green Line Area Redevelopment committee.

  • We are committed to meeting your accommodation needs. Please let us know what your accommodation needs are, so that we can begin to plan for the necessary services and supports.
  • Accommodation services may include an ASL interpreter, large text materials, or accessible venues.

I don’t use email. I don’t like using email. Can I still apply to be part of the group? 

  • Sure you can! While email will likely be the way the group receives some information from The City, we are committed to making your participation possible. We can mail material to you, or telephone you and discuss the information.

Where will the group meet?

  • Meeting locations have not yet been determined, but we hope to have most meetings in or near the community.

Is there any cost associated with being part of the Green Line Area Redevelopment committee?

  • No. All costs for the meeting space, meeting supplies, food and drink are paid for by The City. The City will also cover the cost of accommodation services in order to enable the participation of people with disabilities.

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