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Green Line LRT project - Map

Green Line - Map


City Council approved the full 46 km alignment and 28 stations for the Green Line LRT from 160 Avenue N to Seton on June 26, 2017. This was a major milestone for the program, and ensures that the Green Line can be built in stages as funding becomes available.

The first stage of construction will extend from 16 Avenue N to 126 Avenue SE and is expected to be constructed from 2020-2026 and estimated to cost $4.65 billion.

Stage 1 Construction Highlights:

  • 16 Avenue N (Crescent Heights) to 126 Avenue S.E. (Shepard)
  • Frequency: Every 10 minutes, 15 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Ride Time: 34 minutes (16 Avenue N - Shepard S.E.)
  • Capital Construction Cost: $4.65B
  • Construction start date: 2020
  • Estimated completion date: 2026