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Southwest BRT - Construction updates


Construction has started on the Southwest BRT. Crews will be working in sections along the route at different times through the construction season. The City is taking steps to minimize the impact of construction to residents and commuters by maintaining the existing number of lanes.

Lane closures are typically scheduled between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. There may be times when crews need to set up lane closures and detours before 9 a.m. These closures will not be in the direction of the heaviest rush hour traffic flow. Weekend closures are typically planned between 7a.m. and 7 p.m.

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Construction schedule

  • ​Downtown & Crowchild: April 2019 to September 2019
  • Glenmore Trail to 75 Avenue S.W. June to September 2019
  • 14 Street & 90 Avenue S.W. intersection: January to December 2019
  • Heritage Drive to 75 Avenue S.W.: April to October 2019
  • Heritage Drive to 90 Avenue S.W.: June to September 2019
  • Southland Drive to 90 Avenue S.W.: March to May 2019
  • Southland Drive to Woodbine: May to August 2019
  • Noise wall construction (tentative schedule): April to September 2019

You can see the tentative 2019 construction schedule here​.


Construction areas for Southwest BRT

Glenmore Tr S.W.

Crews have finished work on the bus only ramp.

Heritage Dr to 75th Ave S.W.

Crews have started work on the east side of 14 Street S.W in this area.

90th Ave to Heritage Dr S.W.

Construction continues in this area.

90 Ave & 14 St S.W. intersection

Work continues on the underpass and excavation at the intersection.

Southland Drive to 90th Ave S.W.

Crews should be starting work in April 2019 to finish the work in this area.

Woodbine roundabout and terminus station​

This work is being done in conjunction with Water services.

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