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Southwest BRT - Southland Dr to 90th Ave S.W.


The Southland Drive and 14 Street S.W. intersection is now complete​ and operating in its final capacity. The base lift ​paving for the transitway in this area is also completed and the top lift for the transitway is scheduled for the summer of 2019.

You can see the final design of the intersection her​e.

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Construction update: July 16, 2019

Work continues on the BRT Stations on Southland Drive at 19 Street S.W. All the BRT stations along 24 Street S.W. are under construction this month, through to mid-September. While we'll need to close a driving lane or two during this work, we expect most traffic impacts to happen outside of rush hours.


Upcoming detours and lane closures:

For a full list of upcoming detours and lane closures in S.W. Calgary, see the Detours and closures​​ page.

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