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Southwest BRT - Tree removals and landscaping


While we make every effort to avoid impacts to trees as part of construction, it is necessary to remove approximately 350 trees at various locations along the BRT route. When trees are impacted as a part of construction a tree compensation plan is developed to replace the lost tree canopy. We are working with The City's Parks and Urban Forestry departments to develop landscaping and compensation plans for the project.

A compensation plan is based on the value of the impacted trees, determined by the health, size, species and location of the trees. It's important to note that replacement trees are planted in the closest suitable location to replace the impacted trees.

There were trees planted at 75 Avenue S.W. in error in 2016 which had to be removed for construction. These trees were planted in the area based on an earlier design for the 14 Street S.W. and 75 Avenue S.W. intersection that was changed during the design process. These trees will be included in the compensation plan we are developing.

Tree removal and landscaping along the Southwest BRT route  

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