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Calgary Parking Policies

Calgary Parking Policies (Formerly A Parking Policy Framework for Calgary) is Council’s overarching policy document on how on-street and off-street parking is managed in Calgary. It is a living document that is continually revised and added to as specific parking policies are further developed. Highlights include:

  • The Downtown Parking Strategy (Section 6.1)
  • On-street parking policies and pricing (Section 5.1)
  • Carshare parking policies (Section 5.1.6)
  • The roles and relationships of Council, City Administration and the Calgary Parking Authority (Section 3)
  • Financial returns from the CPA to The City (Section 4)
  • A Parking Revenue Policy for paid parking areas (Section 5.3)

In December 2014, Council approved a Four-Year Parking Work Plan that outlines the parking policy work that will be undertaken over 2015-2018. The work plan was revised on 2015 September 28 to align with revised resource provisions.

Current Work

  • Administration is looking at processes to allow parking in existing developments to be made available for use by the general public.
  • Administration is initiating a review of the residential parking permit program in 2018.

Recent Council Approvals

In January 2018, Administration provided Council with an update on the following sections of the Calgary Parking Policies. There were not any changes made to policy through these updates.

  • Section 5.2.1 Parking in Activity Centres, Corridors and Other Transit-Oriented Development Areas
  • Section 5.3 Parking Revenue Policies
  • In March 2018, Council approved the updates to the Land Use Bylaw to fully implement the updated Downtown Parking Strategy (Section 6.1).