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CTP Monitoring and Reporting Program

The Monitoring and Reporting Program is an important part of the Calgary Transportation Plan (CTP) and Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which were approved on September 28, 2009 by Calgary's City Council. 


"Provide a basis for effective strategic decision making by monitoring and reporting on the progress made towards the goals and objectives of the MDP and CTP."


"The City will measure the Core Indicators for Land Use and Mobility on a continuous basis and report to Council, Administration and the public on the progress towards the targets prior to each business planning cycle."

During the evolution of the CTP and MDP, a decision support framework was developed to guide the planning process. As one of the critical elements of the implementation plan, the Program was added to the framework. At any level in the framework, it is possible to connect indicators directly to the actions, policies, objectives, principles and vision.

The indicators will be used as a tool to evaluate whether The City's planning and investment strategies are achieving their intended goals. In addition to the Core Indicators for Land Use and Mobility as identified in the MDP and CTP, a set of supplementary transportation indicators will be identified to provide additional understanding on how well the CTP is performing over time.

The Program will consist of monitoring, evaluation and reporting steps. Monitoring is the collection of data to track each indicator over time. The results from the monitoring process are evaluated through comparison with the targets. Reporting is a crucial step of the Program and could be used as an opportunity to assess whether the policy direction remains appropriate or requires adjusting over time. Reporting could take the form of Transportation interactive dashboards or Mobility Monitors, to name a few.