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Crowchild Trail Study: 5Ws

Where is the study area?

Crowchild Trail from 24 Ave N.W. to 17 Ave S.W.

What is the Crowchild Trail Study?

The Crowchild Trail Study is a transportation corridor study that will identify short-, medium-, and long-term plans for Crowchild Trail to accommodate the continued growth of Calgary. These include upgrades needed to move high volumes of traffic, improve travel along and across the Crowchild Trail corridor for all modes of transportation, and maintain or enhance bordering communities.

A transportation corridor is a route within a transportation network that provides for one or more modes of transportation. Within a transportation corridor, infrastructure such as roadways, sidewalks, pathways, rails, bridges and overpasses may be included.

A transportation corridor study typically looks 10 to 30 years into the future to determine the amount of space (i.e. right-of-way) that will be needed to accommodate all transportation needs (e.g. width of road, median, sidewalks, etc.). Subsequent studies that look at more detailed designs, environmental and noise considerations, etc. are required before construction.

Why is the study needed?

Crowchild Trail’s function as the main north-south link across the west side of Calgary and access to the city center was identified as early as the 1950’s and has been confirmed through a number of transportation plans over the past decades. The most recent plan - the Calgary Transportation Plan - was approved by Council in 2009. It contains policies that shape Calgary’s transportation network over the next 30 to 60 years.

Some key issues/challenges that need to be addressed in the Crowchild Trail Study include:

  • Traffic merging and weaving on the bridge over the Bow River and at intersections along the corridor.
  • Bottlenecks that have resulted from high volumes of traffic, lane reductions, and lane changes in short distances along the roadway.
  • Balancing what’s important to communities that border the Crowchild Trail Study area and the needs of Calgary’s transportation network.
  • Identifying upgrades for the Crowchild Trail corridor that will support Crowchild Trail’s role in the Calgary Transportation Plan.

Recommendations from the study, if approved by Council, will identify specific Crowchild Trail upgrades that can be prioritized for funding.

How can I provide input in the study?

The six-phase study process includes multiple engagement opportunities that gather public input to help inform project decisions in each phase of the study. Sign up for email updates to be notified of upcoming engagement opportunities. More information is also available under “Provide your input” from the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Who are you getting input from?

We're gathering input from those who live immediately next to Crowchild Trail, operate businesses and large institutions (e.g. U of C, Alberta Health Services), live in communities that border the study area, and those who travel along or across Crowchild Trail. We’re also consulting with internal city business units.

When will the study be complete?

We expect to complete the study by the end of 2016 and to bring the study recommendations to Council in 2017.

Study process

We’re in Phase 6: Reporting and Completion

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Map of Crowchild Trail study area today

Click here to see a map of the community boundaries, historical properties, and other areas of interest along the Crowchild Trail corridor.

Stay informed

You’ll have multiple opportunities to provide input in each phase of the study. Stay informed of the study.

  • Sign-up for email updates and receive notifications.
  • Watch for bold signs around your community.
  • Look for updates in your community newsletters.
  • Look for signs along Crowchild Trail.
  • Look for advertising online, in the media, at key destinations (e.g. University of Calgary, Foothills Medical Centre, etc.).