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Crowchild Trail Study: overview

Since 2014, The City of Calgary has been working together with Calgarians to identify short-, medium-, and long-term changes and upgrades to Crowchild Trail from 24 Ave. N.W. to 17 Ave. S.W. through a transportation corridor study. Recommendations from the Crowchild Trail Study will help address current issues and challenges, and accommodate the continued growth of Calgary.

The study consisted of a six-phase process that provided a variety of engagement opportunities for Calgarians to participate in through each phase of the study including in-person events, community events, online, walking-tours, and sounding boards. Feedback gathered from each phase was used to inform the technical work and decisions required at each phase.

Throughout the study, we engaged with:

  • Property owners who are impacted by the recommendations
  • Residents who live immediately next to Crowchild Trail
  • Residents who live in communities bordering Crowchild Trail
  • Businesses located immediately next to Crowchild Trail
  • Large Institutions along the corridor such as the Foothills Hospital and the University of Calgary
  • Emergency responders who use Crowchild Trail to deliver emergency services
  • Users of Crowchild Trail, inclusive of multiple types of travel
  • Interest Groups and Agencies active in areas of goods movement, the environment and heritage

What We Heard Reports from each engagement opportunity are included in the project library.

The Crowchild Trail Study wrapped up at the end of 2016.

Recommendations from the study, if approved by Council, identify changes and upgrades to Crowchild Trail that can be prioritized for funding through The City’s 10-year transportation infrastructure investment plan - Investing in Mobility.


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