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Erin Woods traffic calming pilot project

Project overview

In 2015, a community traffic issue identified by the Erin Woods Community Association was selected for a traffic calming project. The City collected data on pedestrian safety and vehicle speeds in the community. Based on the number of locations identified, Erin Woods was selected for a traffic calming project and to pilot new traffic calming curbs throughout the community.

City staff worked with the Erin Woods Community Association residents to develop a traffic calming plan to address concerns regarding the safety of people walking and cycling throughout the community, and to reduce the speeds of people driving. This included placing temporary traffic calming devices in the roadway and two phases of engagement.

The pilot ended in the Fall of 2018. Using community feedback, data collected throughout the pilot and technical information an updated traffic calming plan was created. As with the traffic calming plan for the pilot, the updated traffic calming plan will improve the safety of people travelling through the community. Construction of the updated traffic calming plan will take place in Summer 2019. It will include:

  • Making selected traffic calming curbs permanent concrete curb extensions
  • Adding delineators to traffic calming curbs that are remaining, as required
  • Upgrading crosswalk markings and signage where warranted
  • Improving pathway connections to Erin Woods Park at Erin Woods Boulevard and Erin Woods Drive S.E.
  • Removing the “No U-turn” sign on Erin Woods Boulevard west of 36 Street S.E.

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The traffic calming plan for the end of the pilot was presented to the community  of Erin Woods at their May 2019 Annual General Meeting.

Frequently asked questions


Erin Woods calming FAQ

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​Curb extensions reduce pedestrian crossing distances while improving visibility for both pedestrians and motorists. When using a curb extension, people walking are more visible to people driving because they are in the intersection. This increases the likelihood that someone driving will stop for someone waiting to walk across the road.

Curb extensions are used in locations where people walking are less visible to drivers when waiting on a sidewalk to cross the road. 

The corner radius of an intersection is increased by a curb extension, so that people driving must slow down to make a right turn. They are also used to prevent people driving from using a parking lane for passing, and to alert drivers to changing road conditions.

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​The community shared concerns throughout the pilot about people driving into oncoming traffic to access the Petro Canada gas station at Erin Woods Boulevard and 36 Street S.E. Throughout the pilot we explored many options to correct this issue. We also investigated our files to determine why this median was extended in 2005.

The removal of the “No U-turn” sign located on Erin Woods Boulevard just west of 36 Street S.E. is the best solution at this time. Removal of the sign will provide people driving with the ability to perform a legal U-turn to access the gas station.

Based on the information that we found, the median was extended in 2005. There were several collisions that occurred between drivers turning left to exit the gas station and drivers travelling eastbound on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. The extended median prevents these collisions from taking place. If the median was shortened it is likely that these types of collisions would reoccur.

Residents have asked if we can open an entrance into the gas station from the parking lot of the adjacent condo development. The condo lands are private property not public property, so we cannot provide an entrance to the gas station via their parking lot.

If you see any traffic related violations, please contact the Calgary Police Services.

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​The temporary traffic calming measures on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. have improved safety for people walking, cycling and driving along this road. Leaving them in place will continue to provide the community with an improvement in safety.

We are leaving temporary traffic calming measures on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. as these locations require additional monitoring and evaluation. Also, the Alberta Bicycle Facilities Design Guide project is underway, and may provide us with additional bike lane configurations that will help improve safety even further.

There is funding available to make the temporary traffic calming measures along Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. permanent, but we want to ensure that the best possible design is constructed. At this time, it is unknown when we will construct permanent traffic calming measures on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E.

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​Some of the roads within Erin Woods are very wide, which encourages drivers to travel at speeds faster than the posted speed limit. When drivers travel at higher speeds it reduces the safety of people walking and cycling in the area.

Also, if a road is very wide, like Erin Woods Boulevard S.E., some drivers will treat a two-lane road as if it’s a four-lane road. This can create safety and speeding issues.

Bike lanes narrow the road so that drivers use it as a two-lane road, as originally intended. Curb extensions help us encourage drivers to travel at or below the posted speed limit, especially when turning right through an intersection.


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For general information about the traffic calming program please visit the Community Traffic Studies webpage.


Project engagement

For information about the engagement process and opportunities that took place from 2015 until 2018, please visit the project engagement page.

Questions about traffic calming?

If you have questions about this project please contact 311 and the Community Traffic team will respond.

Snow clearing

Information about snow clearing around traffic calming measures can be found at