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Calgary Transit

Transit schedule

Onward/ Calgary Transit provides safe, accessible, customer-focused transit service that is capable of becoming the preferred mobility choice of Calgarians.

Want detailed transit schedule information including bus and CTrain departure times? Visit the Calgary Transit website. Want to know when the next ride is coming along a specific bus route? Just enter the 4 digit bus stop number and the scheduled arrival time of the next bus at your bus stop will be displayed.

Departure times for all buses can also be accessed through Teleride, an automated telephone information system. The system is updated regularly to keep you informed of service delays or detours.

Transit routes and maps

Do you know how to get around Calgary by bus or CTrain? All Calgary Transit routes and maps can be found at the Calgary Transit website.

Transit fares and passes

Calgary Transit offers various fare options for traveling on the bus or CTrain. Transit tickets and passes are sold at various locations throughout the City or can be purchased through the City of Calgary online store.

Transit parking

There are over 30 park and ride locations throughout Calgary. Save money by parking at one of Calgary Transit's parking lots, then taking the bus or CTrain to your destination.

Transit safety

Calgary Transit is committed to the safety and security of its customers. Calgary Transit’s Public Safety and Enforcement section helps ensure customer safety by providing a presence 24 hours a day, seven days a week on all transit property.

For more information on Calgary Transit,​ please visit the Calgary Transit website.