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West Village area redevelopment plan

The lands currently known as the West Village area lies to the immediate west of Calgary's downtown and extends along approximately two kilometres of the Bow River's riverfront. The boundaries are defined by the Bow River to the north; the Canadian Pacific Railway right-of-way to the south; Crowchild Trail to the west; and 11th Street S.W. to the east.

The City has not specified a timeline for redeveloping this area; however the West Village Area Redevelopment Plan was approved by Council in 2010:

Much of the lands that comprise the West Village area have been in use for commercial/industrial activities since the beginning of the 20th century. Some activities have resulted in environmental impacts to the area soils and groundwater. A containment wall was constructed by the Province in 1995-96. A partnership between the Province and The City eventually led to on-going risk management and the development and continued operation of a containment system for the contamination. It is anticipated that much of the West Village area soil and/or groundwater will require some combination of remediation and/or risk management measures prior to redevelopment.

West Village environmental background