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Eco-Leaders program

Eco-Leaders is a youth environmental leadership initiative that helps school-based student teams research, design and implement curriculum-linked projects that address environmental problems.

Student teams will contribute to environmental solutions that will positively impact our community while gaining eco-literacy and eco-leadership skills. Teams receive the opportunity to present their final projects to the public at our annual Mayor's Environment Expo.

Eco-Leaders program elements

  • Sept - Dec: Research, Project and Education Plan - Project Design
  • Jan: Eco-Leaders Conference - Skills Development
  • Feb - Apr: Subject Expert School Visits - Project Development
  • Apr - May: Project Implementation and Display Preparation Support
  • June: Mayor's Environmental Expo

Eco-Leaders program details


  • School classes and clubs are encouraged to apply.
  • Applications have been extended until October 12, 2018.

Program requirements

  • The time commitment is 100 hours throughout the school year.
  • Each Eco-Leader School must have a minimum of one lead teacher and one support teacher.
  • All Eco-Leader teams are required to attend the Eco-Leader Conference.

School Support

  • Students will explore content and skills they need to better understand environmental subjects and to develop projects.
  • Scheduled visits with teams to help students design and implement their project, and connect students with other experts in the community including staff at The City of Calgary.
  • Project grants.
  • Professional development for teachers.
  • View Frequently Asked Questions about applying for the Eco-leaders program.

Mayor's Environment Expo

  • We require Eco-Leader groups to attend the Mayor's Environment Expo on the day they are presenting.
  • The Expo Days are separated into age groups (June 4-6, 2019) and Eco-Leaders will be informed of the day they will be presenting.
  • Each Eco-Leader group will receive one bus to travel to and from the Expo.
  • Additional buses will need to be organized by the Eco-Leader group.

Benefits for participating schools

Students develop lifelong, transferable skills in leadership, innovation, teamwork and critical thinking and apply these to projects of their design. Projects can have a meaningful impact on schools and surrounding communities, as seen with Captain Nichola Goddard School's award-winning Green Commuting Hub project.

"Cooperation, global citizenship, creativity and leadership are just some of the good qualities that will be developed when participating as an Eco-Leader."

- Catherine Dorsey, Teacher at Panorama Hills School

"The project has exceeded all expectations for our staff and volunteers. The team is already planning for next year."

- Karen Campbell, Principal at Alex Munro School

Lake Bonavista Elementary School. Grade 3-4 class created play-to-go carts with various natural materials that foster creativity and encourage environmental awareness through play.

Apply now for the 2018 - 2019 Eco-Leaders program!

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