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Commercial disposal and recycling options


Is your business or organization looking to recycle more? Does your business produce large quantities of materials to dispose of? Have items that don't belong in a traditional blue bin program?

Follow these resources to find the right way to properly and safely dispose of your commercial waste.

Online resources

Alberta Recycling Hotline

Alberta Recycling Hotline

The Alberta Recycling Hotline search tool provides a list of recycling depots for a variety of materials including batteries, building materials, equipment, plastics and more. Options are available for the Calgary area and across the province.

You can also contact the hotline by phone at 1-800-463-6326 or use their online live chat for support.

Green Calgary Specialty Recycler Directory

Alberta Recycling Hotline

Green Calgary's online search tool can help your business find a recycler for materials that do not belong in traditional recycling programs. Items that can be searched include furniture, wood, biomedical waste, etc.

Green Calgary is also able to provide assistance if you need help figuring out the right service for your business. Contact the Green Workplace team by phone or email.

General resources

City of Calgary Waste Management Facilities

The East Calgary and Spyhill landfill sites can accept commercial quantities of garbage for disposal and some source-separated materials for diversion. For rate details, please see our landfill rates.

We also accept industrial waste at the Shepard Waste Management Facility for proper disposal. To learn more about what waste requires a permit or appointment, visit Industrial Waste Permits and Appointments.

Talk to your hauler

Contact your current waste collection company to find out if they are able to provide recycling or disposal options for your large quantities and/or special items.

For private collection options, a comprehensive list of local recycling and food and yard waste haulers is available on Green Calgary's Recycler Directory.

City Commercial Collection services

Alberta Recycling Hotline

The City of Calgary's Commercial services offers garbage, recycling and food and yard waste collection services for businesses and organizations.

We also offer special collection for large quantities of items such as untreated wood, scrap metal and plastic film recycling.

Learn about our business and multifamily services or contact 311 to place a service request.