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Types of commercial bins and dumpsters


We offer commercial collection services for Calgary businesses, organizations and multi-family complexes.

Many types of bins, carts and dumpsters are available for your permanent and temporary waste needs.

If you are not sure of what your w​aste management needs are, please see the steps for setting up commercial service and our staff can provide a customized solution for your location.

Customers are responsible for taking care of their bins. See our tips for bin maintenance.

Please note that we do not offer commercial bins to single-family households for cleanups or renovations.

Kitchen composting accessories

Kitchen compost pails are available for bulk purchase when you set up your commercial food and yard waste service.

The City does not provide compostable bags or cart liners at this time. Please check with your janitorial service for options or you can purchase at local big box/hardware stores or online.

Front-end loading bins and dumpsters

For day-to-day waste and recycling needs with regular collection pick-up

Front-end loading dumpsters are available in 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8-cubic yard bins. Collection is once a week minimum, Monday through Saturday.

Additional collections per week are also possible depending on location and availability.

See a full list of our bin sizes and dimensions ​here.

Accessories for dumpsters

You can also add these affordable bin accessories to help you manage your waste properly and save on costs in the long-term.

  • Lids (metal or plastic) - are helpful for bins that are stored outside to protect from the elements and keep unwanted users from accessing your bin.
  • Locks - prevent misuse of your bins by securing them with a lock.
  • Wheels (for 2, 3 and 4 yard bins). These are required if your bin needs to be moved in order to be serviced.

Roll-off bin collection

For larger construction or commercial projects

Roll-off bins are available in 20, 30, or 40 cubic yards. They are collected on request through 311, Monday through Saturday.


Commercial carts are also available for customers with smaller space needs or produce limited waste. Blue, black, and green carts are the same size as residential carts. The carts are 240L in volume and can hold up to 60 kg of material.

Carts are collected on a weekly basis. All material must be inside of the cart for pick-up.


Cart sizes

  • Blue cart size: The blue cart is approximately 107 cm high, 59 cm wide and 73 cm deep.
  • Green cart size: The green cart is approximately 109 cm high, 62 cm wide and 72 cm deep.
  • Black cart size: The black cart is approximately 103 cm high, 68 cm wide and 71 cm deep.

If you are building an enclosure for your carts, please make sure to measure your cart(s) first. Carts may vary in size due to changes in manufacturer and supply.